Self Service Kiosks put the customer in control, allowing them to choose & customise their order in quick, convenient and pressure free manner. This allows your team to focus on delivering better service and a more operationally efficient workplace.


Increase revenue

Reduce overheads

Take more orders

why eposability?

  • Help integrating your technology stack
  • Access to preferential rates
Kurve POS Kiosk Stands In a Casual Fast Food Restaurant

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Kurve’s self-serve tech is simple, convenient & hassle-free.

Their products are all about creating new possibilities and delivering immersive experiences that deliver for your business.

Built on the latest Android technology, Kurve's kiosks are available in a range of sizes and formats to meet your needs.

What our clients say

Zia Lucia

Genuine Pizza Made With 48h slow fermented doughs baked in hand-crafted ovens.

Chef at Zia Lucia putting the final ingredients onto 4 pizzas